TK&K Services, LLC is accepting resumes from highly qualified individuals to staff various locations throughout the United States and Europe. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and quality to our clients, and career growth and opportunity to our employees. If you are interested in any of the career opportunities described below contact us at

Terminal Manager, Assistant Terminal Manager, and Fuel Distribution System Mechanic at the following locations:

  • NAS Kingsville, TX
  • Edwards AFB, CA

DLA-Energy is in the process of accepting proposals for each of these Alongside Aircraft Servicing contracts and although contract awards are still months away, we are encouraging interested applicants, including incumbent personnel, to respond. Resumes can be sent to Please include the position and site you are applying for in the subject line of your email. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have at 770-844-8710 ext 105.

Terminal Managers

Applicants must have significant, specialized commercial or military experience with bulk fuel storage and distribution systems/facilities, mobile and direct fuel servicing equipment (aviation and ground), quality surveillance, inventory, accounting, and administration. Practical experience in the basic design and layout of petroleum facilities, component makeup and flow characteristics of storage piping systems, and the ability to read and understand basic drawings, blueprints, and system specifications is also required. Applicants shall have significant, relevant, and preferably recent supervisory experience. Although general supervisory experience may be included, specialized supervisory experience in fuel terminal operations with emphasis in terminal maintenance, operations and environmental compliance must be predominant.

Assistant Terminal Mangers

Applicants must have a minimum of two years’ experience. One year must be supervisory experience gained within five years immediately prior to the proposed hiring date. That experience must be specialized supervisory experience in bulk storage and mobile fuel servicing with emphasis on operations, equipment maintenance, and environmental compliance.


Applicants must be capable of inspection, evaluating conditions of, and maintaining fuel storage tanks, pipelines, and piping systems, product pump, filter, meter, gauge, and flow control mechanisms, manifold and valve systems, and other related petroleum system components. Additionally, applicants must be capable of detecting/recognizing system component malfunction, misalignment, leak, and adjustment issues and performing scheduled and unscheduled fuel system maintenance within the scope of the contract. Finally, applicants must be capable of removing, repairing and replacing system components, and have a basic knowledge of automated tank gauging systems, high/low level alarms, and cathodic protection systems

Continental US, Europe

  • Bulk Fuel Terminal Superintendents
  • Fuel Distribution Systems Mechanics
  • Fuel Distribution Systems Operator

Boston and Atlanta Areas

Junior engineer/scientist/geologist – Beverly, MA Office

2-5 years experience with environmental remediation, monitoring and compliance for a broad range of federal and commercial projects. Candidates progressing toward a license or certification (PE, PG, LSP) is preferred.

Senior PM/Business Development Professional – Beverly, MA Office

Senior Environmental Professional with a hands on approach to project management. Successful candidate will possess industry experience with Federal and large commercial/industrial clientele.

Contact with CV and references.

  • Environmental Project Manager/Project Engineer