Aviation Fuel System Management

Fuels Management Services

TK&K Services proudly offers a wide range of fuels management services throughout the United States and Europe from our Corporate offices in the Atlanta, Boston, and Salt Lake City metro areas. With over 90 years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry, our team has the experience needed to successfully provide fuel management services for supporting all commercial and military aviation applications; from the time a gallon of fuel is received until it is safely delivered to our clients. TK&K Services maintains a database of experienced and certified fuel handlers ready to accomplish fuel management services using refueling systems, equipment, and vehicles provided by our client, i.e. commercial airports; military airfields, or by providing our own mix of refueling equipment, including trucks and hydrant servicing vehicles that meet commercial and military specifications. Our efficient and reliable fuel management services have been recognized by our repeat clients including the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). TK&K was awarded DLA’s Vendor Excellence Award in October 2013.

Alongside Aircraft Refueling Services

TK&K Services alongside aircraft refueling services encompasses the full range of petroleum operations including aircraft refueling and defueling, fuel storage and distribution, and ground fuel (diesel/unleaded) delivery, including management of vehicle service stations. We are experienced in utilizing fuels mobility equipment to refuel aircraft in austere environments and possess the experience needed to safely conduct hot refueling operations. Our services include 100% quality surveillance of petroleum products from the time of delivery until it is issued to our clients. We employ fully-qualified fuel accountants to ensure strict accountability for every gallon of product that we manage for our clients. Currently, TK&K Services provides complete 24/7 Alongside Aircraft Services for four active duty USAF installations: Tinker AFB, OK; Kirtland AFB, NM; Vance AFB, OK and Edwards AFB, CA.  As well as US Army Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA, N.A.S. Meridian, MS; and MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA.

Bulk Fuel Storage Operations

TK&K Services safely operates bulk fuel storage facilities to receive, store, transfer, and issue petroleum products. We perform daily comprehensive inspections of the fuel system and storage tank components as well as provide all operator and preventive maintenance activities. We employ fully-qualified fuel system mechanics to oversee all maintenance activities including removing, repairing, and replacing system components. TK&K Services proudly performs the operation and maintenance of bulk fuel storage facilities at multiple USAF installations throughout the United States and Defense Fuel Supply Points for the Defense Logistics Agency.

Fuel System Maintenance

TK&K Services provides comprehensive fuel system maintenance to include API and STI Tank Inspections, recurring maintenance, and minor repairs. We offer full system maintenance services including, required system inspections, recurring maintenance actions, repairs, and emergency response actions.

Cryogenic Services (Liquid Oxygen/Nitrogen)

TK&K Services has a cadre of experienced operators who are well-versed in cryogenic operations including the receipt, storage, and issue of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. We fulfill inspection and maintenance requirements for cryogenic storage tanks, including vacuum and purge operations as needed.